Higgs pair production at the LHC and future colliders

Speaker: Juan Rojo, Nikhef

When: November 26, 2018 (Mon), 01:30PM to 02:30PM (add to my calendar)
Location: PRB 595
Hosted by: John Butler

This event is part of the HEE Seminar Series.

The measurement of Higgs pair production will be a cornerstone of the LHC program in the coming years, as well as for any future leptonic or hadronic collider. Double Higgs production provides a crucial window upon the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking and has a unique sensitivity to a number of currently unknown Higgs couplings, like the Higgs trilinear and the coupling of a Higgs pair with two vector bosons. In this talk, I will first review recent progress in the theory and phenomenology of Higgs pair production. Then I will discuss the feasibility of the measurement of Higgs pair production in the 4b final state at the LHC and at a 100 TeV collider, both in the gluon-fusion and in the vector-boson-fusion production mode. In the first case, I show how by using multivariate techniques one might be able to achieve a 5-sigma discovery of Higgs pair production at the HL-LHC, and estimate the precision that can be achieved in the extraction of the Higgs self-coupling. In the second case, I demonstrate that already by the end of Run II one can provide stringent constraints on the hhVV coupling without any model assumptions. I conclude by discussing the outlook of Higgs pair production at future higher energy colliders.