"A dark matter relic from muon anomalies"

Speaker: Cédric Delaunay, LAPTh

When: October 20, 2017 (Fri), 03:00PM to 04:00PM (add to my calendar)
Location: PRB 595

This event is part of the HET Seminar Series.

We show that the recently reported anomalies in b→sμ+μ− transitions, as well as the long-standing gμ−2 discrepancy, can be addressed simultaneously by a new massive abelian gauge boson with loop-induced coupling to muons. Such a scenario typically leads to a stable dark matter candidate with a thermal relic density close to the observed value. Dark matter in our model couples dominantly to leptons, hence signals in direct detection experiments lie well below the current sensitivity. The LHC, in combination with indirect detection searches, can test this scenario through distinctive signatures with muon pairs and missing energy.