Collective dynamics of oscillator populations: Multifrequency ensebles and chimera states

Speaker: Arkady Pikovsky, Institute of Physics and Astronomy Potsdam University, Germany

When: February 19, 2016 (Fri), 12:00PM to 01:00PM (add to my calendar)
Location: SCI 352
Hosted by: Plamen Ivanov

This event is part of the Biophysics/Condensed Matter Seminar Series.

Ensembles of oscillator populations are a subject of hot interest mainly due to synchronization effects that can be viewed as a nonequilibrium order-disorder transition. Kuramoto model is a pardigmatic system in this field, similar to the Ising model for equilibrium phase transitions. In this talk, after introducing basic ideas, I focus on two generalizations of the Kuramoto system. In the first case one skips the usual condition that frequencies of all oscillators are nearly equal, and considers multifrequency populations, having significantly different basic frequencies. In the second example, I show that in populations of identical oscillators with time delay chimera states, with some oscillators synchronized and some not, can exist.