Small Dissipative Bose-Hubbard Systems

Speaker: Ted Pudlik

When: November 4, 2015 (Wed), 11:30AM to 12:30PM (add to my calendar)
Location: SCI 352

This event is part of the Departmental Seminars.

Dissertation Committee: David Campbell, Anatoli Polkovnikov, Anna Swan, Claudio Chamon, Ami Katz


The Bose-Hubbard model is widely used to describe atoms in optical lattices, providing a simple yet experimentally realizable framework for the study of many-body quantum phenomena. This talk will discuss the very smallest Bose-Hubbard system, with two sites. We will review its behavior in the mean-field limit of large particle number and discuss corrections to the mean-field arising when the particle number shrinks, as well as the role of the mean-field phase space structure in predicting the robustness of entanglement. Finally, we will discuss the dissipative two site Bose-Hubbard system as the simplest fully quantum model of the magnetron.