Chaotic dynamics in quantum circuits

Note: Pizza served at 11:45 AM
Speaker: Dr. Charles Neill, UC Santa Barbara

When: December 12, 2014 (Fri), 12:00PM to 01:00PM (add to my calendar)
Location: SCI 352
Hosted by: Anatoli Polkovnikov

This event is part of the Biophysics/Condensed Matter Seminar Series.

Abstract: Superconducting qubits allow for precise control over the evolution of quantum states. Here, using three fully-coupled qubits, we investigate the quantum limit of a classically chaotic system. Using a sequence of periodic rotations and interactions, we generate quantum dynamics analogous to the classical evolution. Surprisingly, we find that maps of the resulting entanglement bear a striking resemblance to the classical phase space with chaotic regions entangling more rapidly than stable regions. Furthermore, we show that the quantum dynamics undergo both regular and irregular motion through phase space with the deviations between quantum and classical behavior increasing as a function of interaction strength. Our experiment highlights the potential for superconducting qubits to explore complex dynamics in driven interacting quantum systems.