Physics Department Colloquia

Refreshments will be served at 3:00 in the 1st Floor Lounge. Held in SCI 109.

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Philip Nelson
University of Pennsylvania
Inference in Biological Physics (Poster) Host: David Campbell
Helen Quinn
SLAC, Stanford University
Issues in Science Education (Poster) Host: Tulika Bose
Nigel Goldenfeld
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Statistical Mechanics of the Genetic Code: A Glimpse of Early Life? (Poster) Host: David Campbell
Jennifer Chayes
Microsoft Research New England
The Age of Networks (Poster) Host: David Campbell
Maria Spiropulu
California Institute of Technology
So Simple & Unnatural: Implications of this 125 GeV Higgs on the Physics of the Universe (Poster) Host: Lawrence Sulak
Vidya Madhavan
Boston College
Massless and Massive Electrons: Relativistic Physics in Condensed Matter Systems (Poster) Host: David Campbell
Gerald Gabrielse
Harvard University
The Benson T. Chertok Lecture
The Amazing Electron and Its Moments: Most Stringent Tests of the Standard Model and Proposed Extensions (Poster) Host: Lee Roberts
Eva Andrei
Rutgers University
Graphene and the Magic of Physics in Two Dimensions (Poster) Host: David Campbell
Michel Spiro
National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) France
2014 Edmonds Distinquished Lecture
The Lord of the Rings and Mr. Higgs' Boson: What Next? (Poster) Host: Lawrence Sulak