The Boston University Demo Database

This is the Boston University Physics Department Demonstrations Facility Database (BUDD). BUDD allows you to browse our current demo database which represents the most of our demo collection. Some of our most popular demonstrations are marked with a double asterisk ** next to their names. Also, some demos must be requested at least a day in advance because they need to be tested and set up so they work properly. These demos are marked with a double caret ^^ next to their names. If a demo has a video clip it is marked with V; if there is a theoretical explanation the mark is T.

There are currently 457 demos in the demo database.

If you would like to see the old website (not the old BUDD but the one before that) click here. A list of demos used for some of our courses in the past can be found here. A pdf file with the list of demonstrations can be found here.

The Physics Lecture Demonstration Facility in located in the Metcalf Science Building at 590 Commonwealth Ave., Rm 111. You can stop by in person and visit or call 617-353-2634. Dr. Valentin Voroshilov (www.TeachOlogy.xyz) is in charge of the Physics Department Demonstration Facility and can be reached at demos@physics.bu.edu (for BU users) and in SCI 260 or SCI 111.

The best time for setting up the needed demonstrations is: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10 am to 2 pm for the Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday classes (respectively). Tuesday and Thursday from 1 pm to 5 pm for the Wednesday and Friday classes (respectively).

Along with the actual demonstrations the use of short video clips might be helpful. The CD with a set of movies is available at the Physics Lecture Demonstration Facility. The original source of the clips is the set of laser disks: Physics; Cinema Classics, by Zteck Co. In order to watch the clips you may need to install the Quick time 7 which is provided with the CD. All the movies are copyrighted and cannot used for any other needs except being used during a lecture. Each folder has the read_me file holding the short descriptions of the clips in the folder. Not copyrighted demo movies developed at the Physics Lecture Demonstration Facility could be watched here and here. Some advices on using demonstrations could be found here.