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S-LINK for HCAL Readout



S-Link64 will be used by the Hadron Calorimeter (HCAL) group in CMS to transmit data from the HCAL data concentrators (DCC) to the data acquisition system. The DCC modules are being designed and built at Boston University. The HTR modules are being designed and built at University of Maryland and the HRC at University of Illinois, Chicago. The 9U-VME crate layout (24 total) is shown here:


A demonstrator stage will send data over S-Link32 from the DCC to a CPU in the VME crate running Red Hat Linux.  The CPU will also read the same data over VME to check the integrity of the transmission. The demonstrator setup is shown below:

A variation of this setup will be used for radioactive source calibration tests to carried out at Fermilab and for the CERN test beam.


Data Concentrator Card (DCC)



February 2001

First S-Link32 transmitter and receiver cards arrive at Boston University.

March 2001

DCC logic module design begins incorporating S-Link

May 2001

Plan sub-integration tests with S-Link32 at Boston University

Summer 2001

Plan Integration tests at Umd

Summer 2001 (end)

Plan source calibration tests at Fermilab using S-Link32 for data acquisition

Fall 2001

Design prototype DCC modules incorporating S-Link64

Summer 2002

Plan test beam at CERN using S-Link64 for data acquisition




HCAL Electronics

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HCAL Controls


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Eric Hazen        Boston University

James Rohlf      Boston University

Mark Adams    University of Illinois, Chicago

Drew Baden     University of Maryland

Tullio Grassi     University of Maryland


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