Alexander M. Petersen

IMT - Institutions, Markets, Technologies

IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca

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Piazza S. Ponziano, 6
Lucca, Tuscany 55100

phone: +39 0583 432-6609 (IMT)
skype: petersenalex

I am currently an assistant professor at the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, a member of the Economics and Institutional Change division and the Laboratory for the Analysis of Complex Economic Systems (AXES) research unit. Before joining the IMT, I spent my doctoral years at Boston University where I received my Ph. D. in Physics in May 2011 (Advisor: H. Eugene Stanley). My curricula and research have focused on the analysis of stochastic phenomena in the social and economic sciences using concepts and methods from statistical physics. I am currently involved in analyzing "big data" comprising (i) high-frequency Trades and Quotes (TAQ) financial data, (ii) Google n-gram data, and (iii) measures for longevity, success, productivity and innovation in science and professional sports. In the most broad sense, I search for statistical regularities in empirical data which can be used to better understand patterns of growth in diverse complex systems.

Research Interests

  • Models of science, scientometrics, citation statistics
  • Statistical mechanics of financial markets, public debt, bankruptcy
  • Stochastic opinion formation models
  • Career growth, longevity, output, collaboration in science
  • Quantifying competition and acheivement in professional sports
  • Growth, life-cycles, and coevolution in complex systems
  • Spatial innovation networks

I. Curriculum Vitae (06/2015)
II. Publications, Presentations & Press
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